Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sanctum - Day 2

Today i thought i'd talk about my first impression of the game, which is smooth, reasonable graphics, no bugs or crashing (*cough* magicka *cough*).

There are 3 different tower types and three different guns your chrachter can have.

Sniper rifle: Pretty self explanitary. High damage but long reload
Assault gun: A machine gun, low damage tohugh but can sustain fire
Freeze gun: Can slow enemies or, using the alternate fire button. freeze anemies in an area for say 3 seconds. LOOOONG reload time though.

The controls are fairly simple, standard FPS controls. WSAD keys to move, space to jump, left click to buy towers and fire your weapons,

Here is a demo video made by the producers of the game.


Tommorow ill talk a bit more about the towers in the game,


  1. Sounds sweet and video is def looking good too.

  2. Really like how you divide up your posts by days so its really easy to read

  3. Looks great, always been a fan of tower defense and FPS games, may look into this one!

  4. I get sooo addicted to tower games whenever I find a new one!

  5. Cant wait to checkout Sanctum ;D

  6. Soon as I get paid i'm buying this!

  7. Sweet game, will check it out