Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Magicka - Day 5

I'd like to elaborate a little more on the controls for this game, and the spells

Those tiny coloured blobs in the bottom left of the screen are the only keyboard controls for the game.

They are all the spells for the game. the keys used are QWER ASDF, ( for quick typing i would imagine)

Q - Water - Sprays ahead of you
W - Healing - Is a healing beam (or can cast on self for heal)
E - Shield - Can create a shield around you, or use on self for a personal shield
R - Ice - Sprays ice infront of you. Freezes enemies
A - lightning - Is like a lightning bolt. It can arc between foes
S - Arcane (opposite of life) - Is a beam weapon, but unlike heal ray its a DEATH ray
D - Earth - Is a projectile (boulder)
F - Fire - like water, but fire. sets enemies on fire

You can combine these spells for awesome results.
For example, DDFF would make a flaming boulder projectile. SSRR would make an ice beam, AARR makes lightning that arcs between foes and freezes them.

The possibilites are mind boggling. But again combining spells is your only method of attacking! So you must be quick as the game otherwise plays as a screen by screen beat em up.!