Sunday, 17 April 2011

Magicka - Day 1

The game i have picked for my very first review is...

A description courtesy of its creators, Arrowhead Studios:
"Magicka is a satirical action-adventure game set in a rich fantasy world based on Norse mythology. The player assumes the role of a wizard from a sacred order tasked with stopping an evil sorcerer who has thrown the world into turmoil, his foul creations besieging the forces of good.
Players will be able to combine the elements to cast spells, wreaking havoc and devastation on the minions of darkness. They will also be able to team up with friends and fight their way through the campaign, or test their skills in the magickal arts through other challenging modes.
In Magicka, up to four players take on a grand adventure to save their world from certain doom using a fully dynamic spell system. The adventure mode takes the players across three different levels, ranging from the lush forests of mountain valleys to the frozen halls of the Mountain King where wits and creative thinking are the keys to victory"
 Sounds interesting, Doesn't it?

After spending the past hour with Magicka, i can say that the controls take some getting used to; you control your charachters movt using the mouse, you have to press and hold left click to walk and steer him with the mouse. You must quickly combile your spells using the keyboard keys as the enemies attack fast so must know the controls well.
 Each individual level of the game consists of 3-4 screens and then you fight a boss. Kinda reminds me of streets of rage for some reason.
In concluding my first post on the game i can say that whilst fun, the controls take a bit to master and the game engine seems to be a bit chunky


  1. Looks like my type of game. Will be following, congrats on the new blog looks good.

  2. Cool i love this type of game, following!

  3. i love these types of games. The image looked like this one game called northland that i played years before

  4. this game looks amazing! awesome graphics too

  5. It actually look pretty good, nice.

  6. Game seems interesting. I might give it a try haha. Thanks for sharing it!