Monday, 18 April 2011

Magicka - Day 3

So last night i was playing Multiplayer with three other guys and one particular guy was raging over a whole lot of team killing going on. As i discovered, its very easy to die in this game but you can be revived at anytime by combining the life and electric spell.

Another thing i noticed about this game is all the charachters talk like the swedish chef from the muppets

Also i did notice alot more of the graphical lag, but no more crashes, which was ok at least.


  1. He was a little but with that very heavy swedish accent. Thats the way the chrachters sound in magicka

  2. I was only half-interested in this game until you mentioned they sound like the Swedish chef. Move over, League of Legends..

  3. i hate ppl that rage if u ever played LOL there is non stop rage!

  4. Just got this game the other day. Haven't gotten around to playing it yet, though.