Friday, 22 April 2011

Magicka - Conclusion - Day 7

Well what can i say.

Its been an interesting 7 days with magicka, trying out the possible spell combinations but i feel id seen verything the game had to offer by day 4.

Concept: Well, i cant say ive seen a beat-em-up style game where you must quickly combine spells to kill enemies, and where said spells are the only keyboard controls you have, and can do so with up to 3 other people online. A

Implementation: Buggy as hell and an unoptimized engine. I understand you only have two programmers in your design team but my point still stands that you shoudnt release DLC until you have fixed your base game. The game is also plagued by graphical lag for no apparent reason. Although not the worst engine ive seen, it needed alot more work before its release. The UI is clean and easy, but its brought down hard by the engine and bugs.The fact that the charachters talk like the swedish chef from the muppets is fairly funny. D+

The bottom line:  A fun game, when its not crashing. Needs alot more bug-fixing and then it would be a indie gem. In its current state i woudnt pay more than $7 for it.


  1. A fun game indeed! Thanks for the info

  2. You should send them emails about the problems.

  3. I love this game, and i love your blog! Im definately following :)

  4. Great post,
    Ill give you a cheezburger friend.
    Hope everyone supports this blog as well.


  5. This game is so awesome! cant stop playing it ;D

  6. i hate when things crash. just kinda ruins my day :(